Make Your Cafeteria Work Better

In this section, you will learn valuable information about Wellness Committees, School Health Index (SHI), Healthy & Efficient Food Prep Techniques, Chef Ann, and Emergency Management.

Starting a Wellness Committee, similar to a PTA group, is a great way to improve your school from the inside and outside. You can start a wellness committee with just a few interested people. The committee will keep your school on track and make sure that CATCH and other elements are being utilized properly and safely.

Draw the committee members from these areas:
a.) Food and Nutrition Staff/Faculty
b.) School Nurses
c.) Teachers
d.) Parents, Grandparents, and Caretakers
e.) Farmers in your community
f.) People who own and opperate health clubs
g.) Local college students, teachers, and faculty
h.) Local government officials
i.) Who else can you think of?

It is incredibly important to learn how your school can benefit from a Wellness Committee.