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Healthy, Efficient Food Preparation Techniques, Chef Ann, & Emergency Management

First, Let’s look at some simple low-cost and no-cost ways to make food preparation of healthy food more efficient:

1.) How to efficiently cut onions
2.) The importance of mise en place or “to put in place”
3.) Always cover refrigerated fruits and vegetables
4.) Store and keep produce in the refrigerator in its original bag. The bags are designed to maintain quality and freshness.
5.) Save time by cooking canned vegetables just to heat through. Canned vegetables are fully cooked during the canning process.
6.) Cook loosely packed frozen vegetables, such as whole kernel corn without thawing, if desired.
7.) Freeze bread rather than storing it in the refrigerator. Refrigerated bread stales.
8.) Always use a timer– even for quick-cooking items like oatmeal. Anything that needs to come to a boil or have 5 minutes to simmer can be timed so you can walk away and work on something else.

* Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals– This is a series of videos and print lessons from the National Food Service Management Institute. You will find everything from preparing fruits, vegetables, soups, eggs, quick breads, yeast breads and even cakes, and cookies!  – Cook and freeze beans. They are almost as quick to use as canned beans for a fraction of the price, and it’s so quick and easy to do. Soak the beans overnight, then cook them the next morning and rinse them off. When they’re cool, Put them in storage bags in the portions you need and stick them in the freezer.

* Jamie Oliver’s How-to Skills Videos. Jamie is a leading school health champion in the US and UK. You might have heard of his work with the “Food Revolution”. You will find knife skills, cooking skills and many more skills that will save you time and energy preparing food.

lunchboxLogoBe sure to visit Chef Ann’s Website, where you’ll find technical tools such as:
• financial calculator application
• food costs and inventory tracking tool
• meal counts tool
• meals per labor hour calculator
Financial Management: A Course for
School Food Service Directors – Webinars

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