Go, Slow, Whoa

GO, SLOW, AND WHOA is a very important component of CATCH Eat Smart. The labels help children and parents make healthy choices. It also helps everyone understand that all foods can fit in a healthy diet.

GO Foods are the lowest in fat, sugar and calories, and can be eaten almost anytime.
SLOW Foods are higher in fat, added sugar and calories and should be eaten sometimes or less often.
WHOA Foods should only be eaten occasionally.
Check out the new food list here. or the quick reference chart here.
This GO, SLOW, WHOA POSTER can be easily printed and displayed for
children to read.

Here is a great sample menu using GO, SLOW AND WHOA food labels. Simply mark each item with a symbol representing either a GO, SLOW or WHOA food item. Hint: Be sure to indicate what the symbols mean so that parents understand the labels.

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