Salad Bar


We would like to congratulate Buncombe Elementary School from ROE #02 for being awarded the “Let’s Move Salad Bars 2 Schools” Grant! This was a nation-wide, nongovernmental grant provided by the National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance, The, United Fresh, and Whole Foods Market. There were 514 salad bars given by this grant. Three southern Illinois schools were awarded this grant. They include Buncombe Cons School Dist #43 in Buncombe, Carterville High School, and Giant City School in Carbondale.

A salad bar is a great opportunity to provide fruits and vegetables to students.

Did you know that kids eat more fruits and vegetables when schools offer a salad bar?

Contrary to popular belief, salad bars are not extremely cumbersome to maintain or prepare. With a little guidance from these resources, you can have a smooth sailing salad bar program that the whole school will love! It is incredibly rewarding to offer fresh foods in your cafeterias.

For tips to implementing a Salad Bar:
3 minute video
3 minute video
For tips for cleaning and preparing leafy greens:
3 minute video
For proper salad bar procedures:

There are many grants available for your school when attempting to incorporate a salad bar. Learn more here.