The Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development (CRHSSD)

The CRHSSD has been the grant recipient for the Delta States Rural Network Development Grant Program since 2001. The purpose of the grant is to address unmet local health care needs, and prevalent health disparities through the development of new and innovative project activities in rural Delta communities. The Center, in collaboration with its partners Southern Illinois Health Department (SIH), Southern Seven Health Department and Egyptian Health Department (EHD), developed a plan to implement CATCH throughout the southern 16 Delta counties of Illinois. This grant and the CATCH implementation plan parallels the mission of the CRHSSD to strengthen rural health infrastructure and to promote opportunities for enhancing health primarily in rural communities. Contact Us Here.

Egyptian Health Department in Southern Illinois (EHD):

Egyptian Public and Mental Health Department is dedicated to providing human services that support and enhance the lives of people in Saline, Gallatin, and White Counties. Public Health offers support services such as home health, nutrition programs, immunizations, family planning, and health education. Behavioral Health offers counseling services through a wide range of support in crisis or experiencing emotional/mental stress or substance abuse. Environmental Health provides a variety of information, programs, and services aimed at reducing or eliminating the level of risk posed by environmental health hazards to human health through education, regulation and enforcement activities. At EHD, “Health” is our Middle Name!

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

“Project Purpose: The purpose of The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) program is to prevent and reduce the amount of overweight and obese children ages 4 – 12”.

Jackson County Health Department (JCHD)

Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) has been providing a wide array of services for Jackson County residents since 1950. JCHD works to promote health, prevent illness, protect our environment and prepare for emergencies. Jackson County Health Department is made up of six divisions that work together to improve the health of our county; Administration and Support Services, Nursing, Family Services (Family Case Management/ WIC), Environmental Health, HIV Services, and Health Education. Health Education Division staff work to assist schools in developing programs to address the 8 components of coordinated school health which include health education, physical education, school health services, school nutrition services, school counseling, social services, and healthy school environment. Through a collaborative effort with Southern Illinois Healthcare and various other agencies, training, materials and assistance is offered to school as they implement the 8 components.

Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH)

Southern Illinois Healthcare is a not-for-profit hospital organization established in 1946 for the purpose of improving the health and quality of life of the persons residing in the southernmost region of Illinois. The Community Benefits D (CBD) department is a dedicated group comprised of nine full time staff members whose work is charged with fostering productive and1 collaborative relationships with both individuals and organizations in our service area, as well as implementing innovative and contemporary programs. These programs are delivered through four domains—school, community, faith, and worksites–addressing four program areas; cardiovascular disease, access to care, cancer prevention, and detection and substance use/abuse prevention.

Southern Seven Health Department (So-7)

The mission of Southern Seven Health Department (S7HD) is: “To promote a safe and healthy environment by providing preventative health care, family support services, and child development programs.” It is our goal to provide each community with health education and information in order to empower individuals and families to make healthier life choices. We offer an array of services for children of all ages and families including: Heart Smart for Women, WIC, Immunizations, Teen Services, Head Start/Early Head Start, Coordinated School Health, and Environmental Health. Since 2004, by securing funding for the Coordinated School Health Project, S7 has had a great opportunity to work with students, faculty, and community in some of the 21 school districts. Through identifying with schools, the eight components of Coordinated School Health, S7 also assists schools to focus on connecting health of children with academic success as well as the overall health of communities.